Michel Rauchs

June 12th

Crypto Regulation and Policy: The Industry View

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Lead
Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
Michel is leading the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programme at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), an academic research centre at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

His research covers the entire distributed ledger technology (DLT) spectrum from public blockchains and their crypto assets to enterprise shared ledgers.

Michel is the co-author of four impactful benchmarking studies on the cryptoasset and enterprise blockchain ecosystems, the first studies to empirically analyse these industries using non-public survey data from 300+ entities.

More recently, he led an interdisciplinary research project working to establish a unified terminology around DLT systems and provide a conceptual framework for conducting comparative analysis.

He is regularly featured in the press to comment on blockchain-related events and has been presenting his research at conferences, industry events, and regulatory roundtables worldwide.

Before joining CCAF, Michel completed his Master in International Business at Grenoble Ecole de Management in 2016 with an award-winning thesis on the evolution of the Bitcoin business ecosystem based on a unique longitudinal dataset of 500+ cryptocurrency entities.