Meltem Demirors

June 12th

Institutionalizing Crypto - The Future State of the Digital Asset Market

Chief Strategy Officer
Since she first joined the cryptocurrency industry in 2015, Ms. Demirorshas been actively managing and leading investment firms; supportingand advising founders building early stage companies; and leveragingher experience and network to accelerate the growth of the crypto assetclass and the firms developing it.

In her role at CoinShares, Ms. Demirors oversees strategy, and focuseson developing private funds and investment vehicles to provideinstitutional investors with thematic, risk-managed exposure to theemerging crypto asset ecosystem. In addition, she serves as themanaging director of the firm’s US operations.

From 2015 until 2018, Ms. Demirors led the Development team atDigital Currency Group, where she oversaw the investment portfolioconsisting of 120 companies and protocols across 30 countries, andmanaged business partners and investors, including family offices,financial institutions, and corporations, across the DCG portfolio ofcompanies and subsidiaries. Previously, Ms. Demirors was a strategyconsultant in Deloitte’s Oil & Gas practice, where she led internationalM&A projects in the energy industry and published research in the Oil& Gas Financial Journal and other industry publications.

Ms. Demirors advocates for a number of industry initiatives focused onmarket infrastructure, data integrity, and portfolio managementpractices; most notably via her participation in the World EconomicForum Blockchain Council. She hosts a weekly podcast that explores theintersection of finance, history, and technology, called “What Grinds myGears,” and the annual “Crypto Springs” conference in Palm Springs.

Ms. Demirors holds a BA in Mathematical Economics from RiceUniversity, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. She works closely with the academic community on education andresearch efforts, and helped create the MIT “Future of Commerce”online course and the Oxford Saïd Business School Blockchain StrategyProgram, where she still actively lectures.

When she isn’t causing mischief on Twitter, she can be found readingscience fiction novels. Ms. Demirors is an active writer, via her blog onMedium, and is passionate about financial privacy and civil liberties.

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