Art Claybon

June 12th

Beyond the Wild, Wild West: A Case for Self-Regulation

Venture Lead
EY Foundry
Art is a Venture Lead in the EY Foundry, a global corporate venturing group within Ernst & Young LLP, where he is focused on acquiring, building, and investing in digital companies that will leverage novel business models and deliver new customer experiences across several industries. At the EY Foundry, Art is responsible for EY CAAT (Crypto-Asset Accounting and Tax)- a technology solution and service that facilitates accounting and tax calculations for cryptocurrency transactions.

Prior to joining EY, Art founded two digital startups, one in the life science marketing space and another in the IoT space. Other roles include management consulting and private/corporate venture capital, where Art served on the Board of four U.S. and U.K. based firms, two of which were subsequently acquired.

Earlier in his career Art was a hardware design engineer and Semiconductor Product Lead for Northrop Grumman and Boeing Satellite Systems. His hardware chip designs are currently orbiting the earth in six communication satellites.